someone asked : also i was wondering did something happen with harry again?

EDIT: Haha maybe I should change the title of this to “Ruby/Kimberly/A.N. Other Stewart : Faylor Take 2”… By the way, this isn’t meant to be anything other than a compilation of all the various threads of this whole Harry plus the Stewarts business — we don’t know how it’s all going to pan out, and I hope it’s all bollocks and Stalker Sarah stirring the shit but yeah, this is more a resource than anything!

Right, Harry… Well basically he was out for dinner with Rod, his wife and his daughter, and it was kinda awww at the start cos yeah, bottle and cleavage and tattoos and hairporn but then comments like this started turning up on pap photos:

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday April 25, 2013. Boy band, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, was seen leaving the Dan Tana’s restaurant in Rod Stewart’s Rolls Royce with the Stewart family. Harry Styles was before seen kissing and holding hands with Rod Stewart’s daughter. Photograph: © Anthony,

Then Stalker Sarah stuck her oar in, talking about Harry’s “girl”, and saying we’d hear more later today about it all - she was stalking them in the fucking restaurant, and left at the same time as them - I swear she’s like the “friendly pap” - because she’s only a teenage girl it’s ok for her to get all up in celebrities’ business, when really she’s just as insidiously exploitative as the rest of them, and anything she says should be taken with as much belief as the rest of the tabloid horseshit.

And then we got a video of them leaving the restaurant, followed by another video of Harry picking Kimberly up in his car “”“”“”secretly””“”“” — because it’s such a secret if the paps know exactly where they’re going to be… Also it’s outside the restaurant (you can see its name on the awning ffs), he’s not picking her up from her house even, so what, did he like take her for a turn around the block or..? It’s clearly for publicity.

And now they’re suddenly dating. I don’t know when he would’ve managed to meet her what with how busy he’s been but hey ho!

I mean it’s probably a total coincidence that [[it’s clearly Kimberly — ignore all this]] Ruby has worked with Pepsi in the past, has links with Sony Music/Columbia Records (I assume whatever music she made for them sank without a trace), her old band recently split up, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some new music from her suddenly surfaced, and up until 2011 Rod Stewart was signed with Clive Davis’ J Records label - who is Clive Davis? Only the Chief Creative Officer for Sony Music! A favour between old pals? Perhaps perhaps? A bit of “you make my boy look straight”, I’ll get you a tonne of publicity the week before your new album comes out?

We were wondering yesterday why it was that last time Harry was in LA he managed to evade being papped and stalked to high heaven, whereas this time he’d been paraded around celebrity parties even though he must’ve been terribly jetlagged and looked exhausted from tour…

I guess now we know.

Oh wait, Hollywood Life seems to think it was Kimberly Stewart, not Ruby — time to call Harry a cougar-chaser! BUT WHICH STEWART DAUGHTER IS HE SMANGING?? PROBABLY BOTH, IN ONE NIGHT! *insert side eye here* In this video it’s clearly Kimberly so lololol what a fuck up…

Right so now the tabloids have decided it was indeed Kimberley (well done clap clap u r good at ur jobs) we get this fun good morning note:

DRIVE OF SHAME! Harry Styles and Kimberly Stewart go out together the morning after they were reportedly getting cozy at a Los Angeles restaurant with Rod Stewart and his wife. The couple were seen leaving in Kimberly’s car from Rod Stewart’s house earlier this morning. Harry was spotted running into Starbucks to grab some coffee and treats for himself and Kimberly. Stewart, who waited in the car while Harry drove, was rumored to have been seen kissing and holding hands with Styles last night, while the two were dining at Dan Tana’s with Rod Stewart.

attached to these photos. Now, I can’t see her in that car for love nor money, but then again, it’s not his car at any rate. Also, going for a sleepover at her dad’s house? Really? Are they 16? She has her own house no? And I’m still confused as to where these photos with Cal fit in timeline-wise. Ol’ Roddles has been getting in the action too on Twitter — “young Harry Styles” eh? Sigh…

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